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International Embryo Technology School Bovine Reproduction Articles

Ensuring a Rewarding Return on Your Embryo Investment

How To Mitigate Cattle Costs in Embryo Transfer

Enhance Your Operations Reproductive Efficiency

Enhance Your Operations Reproductive Efficiency

The Synergy of Embryo Transfer and Herd Bulls in Cattle Breeding

Using Artificial Insemination and Herd Bulls

The Power of the Herd Bull

Navigating the Bull Dilemma

Steps of Bovine In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Incorporating Sexed Semen Into Your Breeding Program

Improving the Genetics of Your Cattle Herd Using Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)

The Significant Role of the Beef Cattle Industry in American Agriculture

The Ovum Pick-Up (OPU) Technique

Harnessing Indicus Cattle Genetics for Heat Tolerance in Your Herd

Heat Stress In Cow-Calf Pairs

Embryo Transfer In Dairy Cows

Superovulation Protocol for Conventional Flushing of Donor Cows

7-Day Estrus Synchronization Protocol

Beef Cow Protocols

Embryo Transfer Donors and Recipients

Requirements For Females Used In Bovine Embryo Transfer Protocols

Selecting Embryo Recipient Cows

Selecting Bovine Embryo Donor Cows

How To Grade Bovine Embryos

In-Vitro Embryos Versus In-Vivo Produced Embryos

Differences in Fresh Versus Cryopreserved Embryos

Reproductive Issues That Can Be Alleviated by Using Embryo Transfer

Considerations for Implementing Embryo Transfer

Tips for Sucessful Bovine Artificial Insemination

Dairy Cattle Body Condition Scoring BCS

Artificial Insemination: Semen Storage and Handling

Bovine Winter Nutrition Considerations

Beef Cattle Body Condition Scoring BCS

Who Would Benefit From Attending Our Bovine Reproduction Courses

Utilizing Cryopreserved Embryos

The Synergy of Embryo Transfer and Herd Bulls in Cattle Breeding

Latest Research Regarding Function of a Corpus Luteum (Cl) in Recipients

Selecting and Preparing Embryo Transfer Recipients

Development of Bovine Reproductive Practices over the Last 120 Years

Common Problems with AI and ET

Using CIDRs to Improve Pregnancy Rates

Factors Affecting Pregnancy Rates in Embryo Transfer Programs

Our Achilles Heel

Straws Exploding While Thawing

Factors Affecting Bovine Pregnancy

What to Look for When Purchasing Frozen Embryos

Cumulus Cells on Retrieved Eggs

Body Condition & Pregnancy Rates

Embryo Placement in the Uterus

Importance Of Placement Of Embryo In The Uterine Horn

Heat Stress a Problem In Bovine Reproduction

Bovine Embryo Classification And Grading

Affect of PH on Pregnancy

Superovulation Protocol Modification

Improving Bovine Pregnancy Rates

Increasing Reliability of Donor Response

Possibilities for Increasing Pregnancy Rates in Embryo Recipients

Practical Strategies Which Can Be Used to Enhance Embryo Survival Rates

Flushing & Embryo Classification

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