Courses Taught: AI, ET
Dale Whitaker has over 40 years experience performing bovine reproductive techniques in artificial insemination and embryo transfer. He is the owner/operator of Whitaker Embryo Transfer Services that provides conventional embryo transfer, and OPU service to beef cattle producers in 7 states in the Southeast United States. His company also serves as a satellite facility for TransOva Genetics doing OPU (oocyte asspiration and preparation for shipment to the TransOva IVF lab).

Dale brings his vast industry knowledge and practical skills to each embryo transfer course and shares tips and tricks he has learned over his many years in the industry with the students to make them more successful performing AI, ET, and OPU. Our students learn from one of the best instructors who can not only teach the technique but also discuss implementation logistics, pricing, and start-up expectations.

Courses Taught: OPU
We're pleased to introduce Dr. André Dayan, also known as the OPU Guy, who will be leading your Ovum-Pick Up course.

Dr. Dayan holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Paulista (Brazil, 1994) and a master's degree in Biotechnology Applied to Animal Reproduction from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (Brazil, 2008).

With more than 20 years of experience in bovine OPU, Dr. Dayan currently serves as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M, collaborates with major industry partners in Bovine OPU, and regularly conducts OPU workshops. He is a member of both the International Embryo Technology Society and the American Embryo Transfer Association. Dr. Dayan has been a featured presenter on OPU multiple times at annual meetings of the International Embryo Technology Society and the American Embryo Transfer Association.

Courses Taught: OPU/IVF Laboratory Techniques
With over 15 years of experience in advanced reproductive technologies, Brittany Scott is an expert in her field. In 2011, she earned a masters in Reproductive Biology from Louisiana State University.

Brittany has been a driving force in transforming the small ruminant reproduction market with the establishment of SMART Reproduction, a company that specializes in importing and exporting topquality embryos. Furthermore, Brittany works with Dale Whitaker and other major players in the industry on a range of services, including oocyte processing, semen and embryo collection, and IVF.



''Provided with all the information and resources you need to add value to your farm or veterinary practice. Highly recommend to anyone interested in any or all aspects of embryo transfer!''

Marissa Garretson

Hermitage, MO


''Thank you for everything the OPU course it was great! I was able to learn the technique very well. I really recommend the International Embryo Technology School. I also recommend the RPE embryo freezer I have frozen more than 3000 bovine embryos with excellent results I am very happy with this Embryo Freezer.''

Alejandro Bunsow DVM

Delicias, Mexico


''Embryo transfer is hard to learn in 5 days but Mr. Dale Whitaker does an outstanding job at packing lots of information into the course without overwhelming students! This course was very hands on and the facilities are great! I appreciated that Dale shared many tips and tricks that he has learned in his career that helped make his job easier!''

Avery Wingert

Pearl City, IL


''Very well laid out and throughout course, Dale really managed to transfer his years of experience and nothing was too much trouble.''

Patrick Buckley

Linlithgow, United Kingdom


''Great people and great course. Most enjoyable educational experience in my life.''

Richard Perkins

Jamestown, KY


''GREAT SCHOOL! Dale took time with each student to make sure we were comfortable with what was being taught each day. I feel confident in being able to flush and transfer!''

Ashley Clement

Wray, GA


''Dale was such a great instructor, he took the time to answer any questions I had and made sure to provide as much hands on experience as possible. The amount of knowledge that he can convey to you through his years of experience is critical in you being able to feel comfortable in what you're learning. At the end of the course I felt confident in what I had been taught during my time there.''

Cheyenne McCollough

Bronson, MI


''Outstanding class! Dale is a wealth of knowledge and made the class fun and exciting. Dale is easy to talk to which makes asking questions easy. There were plenty of cattle to practice on and they were all laid back and easy going. Jason and Dale make a great team and create an atmosphere that makes learning easy.''

Russell Harwell

Polk City, FL


''Excellent program! Dale Whitaker is an excellent instructor and the hands-on approach was exactly what I needed to learn ET!''

Ross Kalina DVM

Coleman, TX


''Very nice people. Very knowledgeable. I came out of the class understanding and remembering everything we talked about. They give you books and papers to read or go off of for later. I feel like the instructor was really thorough and very understanding of everyone's different experience levels. Loved the class. I would definitely recommend their classes for anyone. ''

Kristie Commean

Farmington , MO


''I thoroughly enjoyed the ET course and look forward to applying my new skills within our herd.''

Brooke Canart

McAuley, Canada


''I truly enjoyed this course. I was there for 6 days and felt like by the end of it everyone was family. Mr. Dale was really patient with everyone and made sure everyone was understanding the information he was going over. I would highly recommend this course because the class size is small and you get more one on one time.''

Shelbi Crawford

Magnolia, MS


''Great class being able to spend time at the chutes and have an instructor that knows as much as Dale made the class more than what I thought I was signed up for. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to advance their skill set. Cows were great to learn on as they are gentle and don't come in to the chute and act dumb. Thanks for all you guys did!''

Jace Beard

Lolo, MT


''I found the embryo transfer course to be exactly what I needed and more than I expected. Through veterinary school, I did not get enough actual hands-on learning with advanced reproduction procedures. Being taught in a small class setting was an ideal learning environment, I gained the tactical skills and knowledge needed to successfully and confidently flush cattle for myself and future clients. I would recommend the class to anyone ready to take their veterinary practice or cattle program to the next level - it was well worth my money and my time.''

Stanley Soehnlen DVM

Navarre, OH


''The combined ET and AI course was a very valuable course. The small class size allowed the instructor to assist everyone, and provide advice to help with each individuals success moving forward. There was a perfect balance of time spent in the classroom, with laboratory work and getting inside of cows.''

Megan Bergsveinson

Alameda, Canada


''This was one of the best CE courses I have ever taken in over 20 years of practice. Dale Whitaker is a natural teacher and his experience in the cattle industry has given him a unique and valuable perspective you don't get everywhere. He is very knowledgeable about bovine reproduction and ET in particular. It was just the right mix of class lecture, discussion and hands on cattle work. It was a great week and well worth the cost and time in my opinion.''

Tom Hancock DVM

Decatur, AR