“I was very pleased with the embryo transfer course. It was very practical and hands on. It far exceded my expectations. I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in ET work.”
Buzz Iliff DVM

“Thank you for everything the OPU course it was great! I was was able to learn the technique very well. I really recomend the International Embryo Technology School. I also recommend the RPE embryo freezer I have frozen more than 3000 bovine embryos with excellent results I am very happy with this Embryo Freezer.”
Alejandro Bunsow DVM

“The combined ET and AI course was a very valuable course. The small class size allowed the instructor to assist everyone, and provide advice to help with each individuals success moving forward. There was a perfect balance of time spent in the classroom, with laboratory work and getting inside of cows.”
Megan Bergsveinson

"I found the embryo transfer course to be exactly what I needed and more than I expected. Through veterinary school, I did not get enough actual hands-on learning with advanced reproduction procedures. Being taught in a small class setting was an ideal learning environment, I gained the tactical skills and knowledge needed to successfully and confidently flush cattle for myself and future clients. I would recommend the class to anyone ready to take their veterinary practice or cattle program to the next level - it was well worth my money and my time."
Stanley Soehnlen DVM

"The embryo transfer class I took was very informative and hands on. There was a good balance of classroom and cattle handling. I learned a lot! I honestly feel I can work my whole herd by myself after this class."
Charles Godsy

“Had a great experience, a lot of hands-on training in the lab, and with cattle as well. The staff are great people would recommend to anyone who wants to learn E.T.”
Stephanie Vasquez

"I just wanted to say I think the tuition for your class was the best money I've ever spent for continuing education. I really appreciated the way things were presented. They left no grey areas about which methods and techniques were best."
Bruce l. Chambers DVM

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for offering such a great class, this has been a wonderful opportunity for me. Yesterday I saw my first embryo calf born and another is on the way."
Cheri Kraus

"Just wanted to let you know how valuable your course has been for me. The presentation of information and techniques was great! Being able to perform embryo transfer has added much value to my practice."
Jan Michler DVM

"My time was well spent at The International Embryo Technology School, it was one of the best things I have ever done to date. Thus taking the course has given me a great advantage in the purebred cattle industry and an awesome outlook in the business world."
Rodney Hollman

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