Stereozoom Microscope

Our Embryo Transfer Stereozoom Microscope is specially designed for embryo identification, classification, and manipulation. It offers a wide zoom range of 0.65X - 4.5X with excellent optical quality and smooth zoom mechanism. Equipped with 20X/13 eyepieces, it provides magnification from 13X-90X. The stage is designed to facilitate embryo searching. It has a mirror base and a rear illumination system.

The microscope comes with a general warranty that covers 5 years on optics and mechanical, and 1 year on electrical.

  • FIELD OF VIEW: 21mm-3mm
Note: All sales of microscopes are final. Microscopes cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds.

Price: $1,999.00 US Dollars


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RPE Embryo Freezer

A reliable Embryo Freezer at a fraction of the price of other freezers. The freezer holds 16 embryo straws and sets in the neck of a dewar tank to freeze the embryos. It comes with a thermocouple thermometer which accurately reads the temperature of the unit enabling the user to control the rate of cooling by raising/lowering the unit in the dewar tank.

Many thousands of embryos have been frozen, thawed and transferred by several technicians in many countries demonstrating no differences in pregnancy rates when compared to more expensive machines.

Comes with complete step-by-step operating instructions. Protocols for freezing and thawing embryos are also included.


  • A reliable cooling apparatus which can be carried in your pocket (Only 5 in long).
  • No power is required, eliminating power failure and fluctuations.
  • No running or maintenance costs.
  • Hard Case Included.

* Dewar tank not included.

Note: All sales of embryo freezers are final. Embryo freezers cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds.

Price: $1,650.00 US Dollars


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ET School Original Artwork T-shirt Available in: S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Price: $35.00 US Dollars