Embryo Placement in the Uterus

Post Date: October 27, 2015
Bovine Blastocyst

Recently there has been some discussion regarding establishment of a pregnancy when the embryo is placed in the incorrect uterine horn, referred to as the contralateral horn, which is the side not containing the corpus luteum (CL) on the ovary.

Some reports claim pregnancies are established in these cases, although they usually are lost. While other experienced embryo transfer technicians have not observed this phenomena. Bear in mind 20% of Holsteins and Simmentals exibit two CLs per cycle in which side of delivery is of no consequence.

Several years ago in order to settle the argument we conducted a small experiment, placing 20 embryos in the horn opposite to the CL and another 20 embryos in the horn next to the CL. Pregnancy rates were 0 and 65 %, respectively. In conclusion, based on the facts, place the embryo in the horn next to the CL.

Dr. Peter Elsden

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