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Our instructor Dr. R. Peter Elsden is a world-renowned pioneer in the embryo transfer industry. He is a veterinarian with a Master’s Degree in reproductive physiology. He was a past President of The International Embryo Transfer Society, and a past Director of The American Embryo Transfer Association. He was also nominated a member of the Spanish Academy of Sciences for Veterinarians. He has received The Oliver Pennock Award from Colorado State University for meritorious teaching and research, and in 2016 Dr. Elsden was named one of the 15 Most Influential Veterinarians!

Dr. Elsden co-authored the book "Embryo Transfer in Dairy Cattle". He has also published over fifty scientific articles in pier reviewed journals and has numerous publications in popular cattle magazines. Dr. Elsden consults for the United States Department of Agriculture, The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations, Winthrop International (Rockefeller), several foreign governments, and many embryo transfer groups.

Dr. Elsden was in mixed practice for nine years, worked for a large cattle company for two years and was an associate professor at Colorado State University for nine years. He has been involved in teaching, research and service in the embryo transfer industry for over 30 years.

While at Colorado State University Dr. Elsden was Associate Professor on the staff of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics where he taught reproductive physiology and diseases to veterinary students. He was also Director of the Animal Reproduction Laboratory's Embryo Transfer Unit, which included commercial, teaching, and research interests. Dr. Elsden developed techniques to non-surgically recover and transfer embryos, in order to amplify the reproductive potential of selected donors of high genetic value and to circumvent some kinds of infertility. In addition, his group developed a practical technique of micro surgically dividing bovine and equine embryos to produce identical twins which are useful for research and beneficial to the cattle and equine industries.

Dr. Elsden has lectured overseas on numerous occasions and has organized embryo transfer programs in many countries. Over the past several years he has been dedicated to training ranchers and veterinarians how to perform embryo transfer using the most economical techniques.

"Even after all these years of experience in the development of embryo transfer techniques, and applying them to commercial interests, it is still a great feeling of satisfaction to observe a dish of embryos and 60 days later to feel the pregnancies, especially when they are your own animals."
Dr. Peter Elsden

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